Monday, February 8, 2016

Because it's Monday....FREEBIE!

Addition and Subtraction FREEBIE! 
Is it just me or do Mondays feel like extra long days... especially after Super Bowl Sunday?! Today I wanted to give my kinders something that they can work on independently during my math station time. I created this FREEBIE so that my kiddos could use any strategy they liked (other than ask the teacher haha)  to solve the problems!  Some used cubes, some drew with dry erase markers on the ten frame, others used their fingers.  It was all about choice today and differentiation! Some children were working on addition and subtraction within 5 while others were working on it within 10 and none of them knew any different! 

 I hope this freebie can help you and your students today! #chalkpaperscissors

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Get Your Cupcake On!

My kinders literally ate up this activity from our Valentine's Day Literacy pack! They loved reading the sentences aloud when they had finished. This is just one of many engaging (and might I add adorable) activities in the pack :) And remember: Keep calm, there is nothing a cupcake can't solve!
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Monday, February 1, 2016

Measure Me Valentine!

The past two weeks we have been measuring maniacs in Kindergarten! After what felt like a million snow days (three), I needed a quick check to review...and of course we had to use CANDY, because let's be honest-students can only use so many cubes, erasers, paper clips, etc. Unfortunately my great idea to use candy hearts to measure Valentine pictures was a flop because of the amount of strange allergies in my class. So instead, we used the next best thing-skittles! After measuring, students had to answer questions about height, and they were completely engaged! Hope this activity provides a touch of fun on this never-ending Monday :) 

Check out this freebie at our TPT store!