Friday, April 22, 2016

Two birds, ONE stone!

This week, I will chalk up to a teacher WINEarth Day and Mothers Day...CHECK! 
While shopping for my annual Earth day "dirt" cups, I stumbled upon the absolute sweetest tiny terracotta pots for my class at Walmart..and wait for it-they were ONLY 34 cents each! I knew I had to use them for something fabulous. That's when it hit me, paint the sweet little pots for mothers day...and then have students plant flowers in each for Earth Day! Needless to say, my class was pumped, and they turned out absolutely ADORABLE. We used acrylic pastel paints and painted our moms favorite designs. 

We will water the little seeds in our class, then take them home to moms on Mothers Day...just putting a smile on their face, made our world a better place on this lovely Earth Day :) 

Happy weekend,